Reza Irani is the existing CEO and principal co-founder of Fidelity Tool Capital, a Greentech Investment subsidiary and highly recognised as one of the most prominent business personalities around the world right now. Talking about his firm Fidelity tool capital, it is indulged in the process of funding and developing most advanced and flexible fuel cell systems which can efficiently create sustainable, clean, and affordable energy solutions with the utilizations of various renewable fuel sources. Their firm has further facilitated most of their employees to produce enough electricity in order to fulfil their individual energy requirements within a nominal cost. It must be mentioned that the same electricity generation process can further help them in reducing the overall carbon footprints by a huge margin of 50-100% per kW. Still, this full process is majorly dependent on various types of fuel and technology utilized in the overall process of fuel generation across the globe.

Reza Irani

It must be mentioned that before getting associated with  Fidelity Tool Capital, Reza Irani led an expert team of specialised researchers and scientists who were going by the mission to discover breakthrough technologies in order to find the possibility of life on planet Mars. This is where he has been highly recognised and appreciated for being amongst the 5 visionaries who are continuously thinking about diversified possibilities for the survival of humanity on planet earth. Before getting associated with the same firm, Reza irani served as the professor-cum- director of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering centre for some good years.

Reza Irani has earned his Bachelors’ Degree Course from the very famous University of Chennai and he further secured the Honors in Medical Engineering from the same university after few years. Well, he didn’t finish up there with his studies and went through with his M.S. in Engineering and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Madras University.

Reza irani is continuously indulged with numerous expert panels, committees, and boards and efficiently proved his prowess in whatever task he has been assigned in the process. He further got more than fifty publications to his name and holds his dominance as an exceptional orator and advisor on various energy and environmental global issues. He always comes with a perspective that the ongoing climate crisis can be seen as a major employment opportunity for millions of jobless people and everyone can easily go by their daily energy demands whilst utilizing a proper balance of technology, innovation, and conservation. Do let us know about your feedback and drop a message if you want to know more about Reza Irani.